Mens Bounce Football Shorts - Navy

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A hat-trick combination of style, comfort, and revealing, the Bounce Football Shorts are guaranteed to provide total comfort and leave the opposition dribbling at the mouth. 

Boasting a lightweight feel and elasticated waistband, the Shorts offer maximum comfort all day long whether engaging in outdoor activities or simply relaxing at home. Crafted with premium breezy material that is designed to ensure warmth and movement until that final whistle blows.

Sporting bold, vivid colours and featuring the iconic Box Menswear logo in a striking silicone print, the Shorts will accentuate your shapely thighs and peachy behind. All eyes will be on you whether on or off the pitch.

Wearing underwear underneath is completely optional, and we'll leave that to you to decide...

Available in sizes XS to XXL.


True to size.


Stock in this range is limited. Grab them while you can!


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