King Fit Mesh Panel - Transparent Crotch: White

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Mesh is here! Ready to show off your bulge in our super comfortable King Fit boxer shorts?

It's our famous transparent crotch King Fit Boxer Shorts now even sexier with a super soft mesh leg panel! Imagine!!!

  • King Fit will not ride up your legs and squash your package.

  • If you get sweaty and sticky balls, King Fit is made from Bamboo viscose material so is allows your skin to breathe fresh air, not get trapped in sweat.

  • If you hate you legs chafing or rubbing together, King Fit Boxers have a lycra panel which glides beautifully.

  • If you want your ass to look perky, we've included an extra panel at the back to help shape that ass for an extra peachy look.

  • If you have to readjust your package throughout the day, King Fit will massively reduce this.

Wear your King Fit Boxer Shorts under your suit, in the gym, around the house, at work or on a night, no matter where you are or what you're wearing the transparent crotch and mesh panel is Sexy AF!

We run this product in sizes from S to a XXL>

Product Features:

  • Distinctive BOX waistband, which we've made a little wider to help control your waistline.
  • Longer length to help your glide all day and no rubbing!
  • Premium comfort from bamboo material.
  • Form fitted, your dick isn't moving anywhere.
  • Lightweight, let that skin breathe.


  • Body: 96% Bamboo Viscose. 4% Elastane
  • Vent: 88% Polyamide. 12% Spandex
  • Machine wash cold
  • No bleach
  • Low heat dry
  • Do not iron

Please note: We are aiming to become a plastic free company. The first step of this is with our King Fit Boxers. These are packaged in a paper bag which is lined with a small amount of plastic. These are completely reusable (we use ours for our sandwiches for our lunch, and handy beach pouch to protect our phone from the sand and sun) Our aim is to become fully plastic free.

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