Max Wyatt in wet white briefs, just because. PICTURES!

Max Wyatt in wet white briefs, just because. PICTURES!

Max Wyatt Only Fans

Not big long post guys, just because Facebook will get cross with us if we post this on our page. 

Here's one of your favourite guys, and Only Fans winner Max Wyatt showing off his bulge in some semi see through briefs. 

If it's Max that you really like, then there's a load more photos of him and his mate Dan HERE of when we took them to Majorca for another photoshoot. 

Ross Norton Box Bold Colours

Seen as you're online, here's a photo of Ross Norton wearing our coloured collection which is now available to order here, go have a look. 

Twin Brothers Underwear

Thanks, you're welcome and have a great day / night, or if you're still a little bit bored and you want to see some fit half naked twins together, then have a look at one of the shoots we did with twin brothers Calvin and Cory Boling HERE

Blue Briefs

Red Boxer Shorts Underwear

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