Essex Boy Dan Osbourne Reveals Huge Underwear Bulge in Box Menswear

Essex Boy Dan Osbourne Reveals Huge Underwear Bulge in Box Menswear

After numerous requests from the baying public, we managed to facilitate having Dan Osborne strip off for a sexy new underwear shoot with Box Menswear. 

After leaving The Only Way Is Essex, Dan took it upon himself to qualify as a personal trainer, and what better advert for potential clients than your own body hey Dan. 

Across a variety of poses, the 26 year old father of two, soon to be three, shows off his ripped body and impressive bulge. 

One picture below, shows the 6 foot 2 reality star / model with legs wide open, while glaring into the lens with his bright blue eyes, wearing nothing but white briefs

Dan Osborne Bulge Underwear

Flipping over on a leather sofa in what looks like a Central London hotel suite, Dan shows off his sizeable pert bum, in some white mens boxer shorts

Box Menswear Mens White Boxers

While showing off his butt, Dan Osborne also shows his super wide muscular back, and big shoulders. 

Dan appears to get dressed for a night out, sliding on some suit trousers while wearing underwear briefs. Could his bulge get any bigger?

Dan Osborne Briefs

Recently Osborne has found himself in the centre of a love row between Love Island Gabby Allen and former partner Marcel Somerville. 

After the former TOWIE star was pictured on a yacht with the Liverpool beauty Allen in Ibiza, which led to her ex Marcel claiming Gabby had been unfaithful having had sexual relations with Osbourne. The pair are said to have met while attending an exercise and holistic bootcamp together on the White Isle. 

However, Gabby hit back with a set of dignified responses, in which she accused Somerville himself of infidelity

Isn't it funny how all of this surfaces just as the new series of Love Island is about to start!? Meanwhile, in the midst of all of this drama, it's been rumoured that Dan and mother to his daughter Ella and pregnant with his third child have now moved back in together, in a bid to sort out their differences ahead of the birth of Dan's third child and Jacquelin Jossa's second. 

All the time, we've still got Dan Osbourne semi naked to show you! 

Wearing a pair of comfortable white briefs, branded with Box Menswear, Dan gazes out of his hotel suite window, looking over Westminster Bridge, The River Thames towards Big Ben and the Houses Of Parliament. 

Dan Osborne Body

We'll leave you with the image below of Dan Osborne wearing some pale pink boxer shorts, showing what has to be his biggest bulge of the shoot. Stood gripping the curtains, with Parliamentary buildings behind him in the distance, the Box Menswear brushed cotton boxers perfectly hold Mr. Osborne in place.  

Pink Boxer Shorts

The pale pink boxers and briefs that you can see Dan wearing in these pictures are brand new, and will be released on the Box Menswear website in the near future. We've been working hard to introduce more new products and are excited to announce that along with the new colours (of which pink is just one), there will be a new XS and XXL sizing in our mens underwear coming soon. 

Any more feedback you have, please do let us know with a DM via Facebook or Instagram. We value your opinion so much, as its your boys that make Box. 

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ELS Media Collaborator


ELS Media Collaborator

Hi Dan is so SEXY is he GAY?.

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