5 BOX Bums To Feast Upon

5 BOX Bums To Feast Upon

Box bum wiggle

These boys are certainly packing a treat in their trunk. Big, small, firm or soft we know everybody loves a behind, and the Boys at BOX have certainly treated us to some tasty peaches in recent times. Whether they’re showing off their ass-ets in a pair of snug trunks or offering up a little bit of cheek with a pair of briefs, there is something for everything. And to celebrate the derriere, we’ve picked some of our best BOX bums for you.


Imagine walking into your kitchen to find this peach not in your fruit bowl! Slipping in to a pair of simple white BOX boxers whilst preparing a meal, this is one chefs uniform we’d be more than happy to allow in the kitchen. Our first behind belongs to Ross Norton who is a regular for BOX and a favourite for most, and we think we know why 😜

BOX Men's White boxers


Not even the palm trees or golden shores are a good enough distraction from this behind. This cheeky chappie gives us a quick tease of his firm peach as he slips down his boxers, just enough to get the blood pumping. BOX fan favourite Max Wyatt is the model and he couldn’t resist giving us and his fans a tease whilst he was on holiday. Let's hope for some more holiday snaps 📸

Max Wyatt


LA Gymnast Anthony sure does his squats as he relaxes in BOX briefs on the couch. Being flexible certainly has its advantages and Anthony and his firm peach are definitely winning the Gold medal in our eyes. Making relaxing at home look effortless, it’s easy to see why Anthony makes this list 😜Anthony BOX gymnast


We’re making sure you get one of your five a day with this absolute peach. It may be completely hidden underneath a pair of white BOX boxers, but we don’t need much imagination to figure out how good it looks. Belonging to CJ, this juicy number makes you want to reach out and grab a slice.

BOX white boxers


This Aussie lad really has got it going on down under. Whether he is wearing BOX or not, shower time has definitely just got better. Kealan and his behind love giving us more than just a quick glimpse of his peach as it’s pressed up against the glass of a hot steamy shower. We might even need a shower after seeing that image 😜💦


Luke Mills


Luke Mills

What is deans last name

Luke Mills

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Luke Mills

You pants and models are hot. I am unemployed at the moment so I can’t afford to buy any of them. Once I have a job I will buy lots of your underwear.

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